Actus Interactive Software partnership with Avnet Corporation

CARLSBAD, CA Actus Interactive Software LLC today announced the creation of a partnership with Avnet Corporation. As a result of the partnership Actus will source multi-vendor display solutions from Avnet as well as work with Avnet so that an integrated solution can be shipped under a single part number to Actus customers.

This partnership allows for rapid deployment of digital display screens along with the associated hardware and software. Avnet will stage all the equipment and load the software prior to shipping. IN addition, Avnet field resources can be utilized to ensure that installation can occur on a timely basis.

Actus founder and CEO commented ” This agreement with Avnet allows Actus to remain focused on creating world class software solutions by leveraging the reach and breadth of Avnet to deal with deployment logistics. It simplifies the process of doing business with us for our customers and gives us much needed scale and reach”

The agreement with Avnet is focused primarily on the interactive kiosk elements of the Actus offering but will soon be expanded to include the gesture and voice-command applications.

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