Actus Announces Gesture & Voice Interactivity in its Digital Content Suite

CARLSBAD, CA: July 13, 2012 - Actus Interactive Software, LLC (“ACTUS”) is pleased to announce a new suite of interactive software products that leverage the Microsoft© Kinect for Windows© device to provide voice and gesture based navigation. Actus has augmented it’s a suite of cutting edge multi-touch capable interactive digital content, kiosk and active digital signage products to be manipulated by Voice and/or Gesture end to end. The gesture and voice controlled features are available in the Microsoft© Windows© version of the products in large and small form factors and in the Samsung© SUR40 with Microsoft© PixelSense™ version of the product.

The Actus Interactive Digital Content suite of products are intended for broad market and vertical appeal. And although currently being installed in the Retail, Hospitality, and Healthcare industries, the suite of products will really perform well in any industry since the easily customizable digital content defines the experience.

Divided between active digital signage and interactive digital content kiosk, these software solutions feature self-service cloud based content management in an easy to use, dynamic way deploying to countless end point devices in a real time or scheduled manner. ACTUS’ digital content kiosk and active digital signage owners can also dynamically brand or “skin” end point devices uniquely or in groups.

Tim Huckaby, Founder and CEO of ACTUS, states, “Not only have we built the technically most advanced solutions in the kiosk and interactive digital signage space, which will drive a significant amount of use by consumers who normally would not use a solution like this, but we are doing it and empowering our customers to create and deliver their own digital content, look, feel, and behavior. Now that we have added voice and gesture with Kinect for Windows as a legitimate way to navigate content with fidelity, we believe we will address markets effectively where content solutions could never perform.”

This suite of kiosk and interactive digital signage products has the potential to significantly affect competition in the kiosk and interactive digital signage spaces across multiple vertical industries. ACTUS kiosk solutions are multi-touch, gesture, and voice capable based on the latest advances in NUI – the Natural User Interface providing for high levels of usability beyond what is normally seen in today’s web based kiosk software. ACTUS kiosk and digital signage solutions deploy to multiple form factors on multiple platforms including large HD screens, computers, slates, and mobile devices and all leverage a common web & cloud capable back end architecture.

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